The platform on which we teach schoolchildren of grades 5-9
Russian language and mathematics.

In the learning process, interest in learning, perseverance increases, the child learns to study independently, without parents, the grades rise to 4-5 points.
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Уникальная технология обучения

What our students say

In the learning process, tasks become more complex gradually and are issued in stages, from simple to complex. Thanks to this, material is easily perceived, which is given in a concise and understandable way.

Упор на развитие самостоятельности

Emphasis on developing self-reliance

The child learns to study on his own and as a result does his homework himself, without parents, there is an interest in learning. Parents have free time for household chores, walks, sports and hobbies.

Выявление пробелов в обучении

Identifying learning gaps

Through testing, we identify knowledge gaps. We restore all spaces, starting from grade 1. The child begins to study with enthusiasm in school, easily masters new topics, improves his grades and enjoys learning.

How can we help your child?

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Who is our platform for?

For those who want to prepare for the exam

For students in grades 5-9

How is the training going?

We have divided the learning process into several stages. This technology is unique and is used only on the ROCKET KNOWLEDGE platform.

Free initial testing

The result is calculated as a percentage – how much the child knows about a particular topic. With the help of the test, we identify the main problems, why the child doesn’t do well in school.

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Бесплатное первоначальное

Перед началом занятий ребенок проходит тестирование, которое показывает основные пробелы в знаниях. Результат вычисляется в процентах – на сколько процентов ребенок знает ту или иную тему. С помощью теста мы выявляем основные проблемы, почему ребенок не успевает в школе.

Начать тестирование

Building a knowledge roadmap

After the initial testing, a so-called “Roadmap” is drawn up, following which the child can close knowledge gaps and learn new topics. We send the card for free to everyone who passed the test.

Map example

Составление дорожной карты знаний

После первоначального тестирования составляется так называемая “Дорожная карта”, идя по которой ребенок сможет закрыть пробелы в знаниях и выучить новые темы. Мы присылаем карту бесплатно каждому, кто прошел тест.

Пример карты

Getting started: payment and scheduling

You choose tariff you need (the price depends on the number of purchased hours), and pay. After payment, our manager contacts the parents and makes a convenient class schedule for the family and the teacher.

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Начало работы: оплата и составление расписания

Вы выбираете нужный вам тариф (цена зависит от количества купленных часов), оплачиваете его. После оплаты наш менеджер связывается с родителем и составляет удобное для семьи и преподавателя расписание занятий.


Lessons based on the “road map”

The child is studied on platform with all materials of the school program on the subjects. In accordance with the schedule, the student contacts the teacher, opens the topic in the electronic calendar and performs tasks. The teacher is always there to see what the student is doing, quickly answers questions and helps on time.

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Занятия по составленной дорожной карте

Ребенок обучается на платформе, где есть все материалы школьной программы по предметам. В соответствии с расписанием ученик выходит на связь с учителем, открывает свою тему в электронном календаре и выполняет задания. Педагог всегда находится рядом, видит, что делает ученик, быстро отвечает на вопросы и вовремя помогает ему.

Начать обучение

Final testing and the analysis of student’s results and our work with the child

After the individual program, the child again passes the test for knowledge.
With the help of the second test, you will see that the percentage of knowledge has risen from 20-30% to 80-100%.
As a result, the grades increase at school, the child becomes more confident and enthusiastic about school.

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Завершающее тестирование и анализ результатов ученика и нашей работы с ним

После занятий по индивидуальной программе ребенок снова проходит тест на знания.С помощью второго тестирования вы увидите, что процент знаний поднялся с 20-30% до 80-100%. Как следствие оценки в школе растут, ребенок становится увереннее и с энтузиазмом занимается в школе

Начать обучение

There are four basic rules that we use in our teaching technology:

All words that the student does not understand, we will definitely clarify with the dictionary.

If you do not clarify the words, the student will find it difficult to learn, the material will not be learnt.

Also, after each incomprehensive word, the void will appear in knowledge.

Everything we study, we have to see.

We try to maximize the visibility of new knowledge. For this we use video materials, pictures, photos, we teach to make sketches and demonstrations (showing on simple things what is studying now).

By the way, our online platform is designed in such way that the child can do all this directly in it – and this is another uniqueness of our platform.

We always follow the principle of gradualism.

You need to fully study and understand the first topic, and only then start the second one, otherwise the student will be confused and will find it difficult to learn new topics.

By the way, this is why we first find the learning gaps in the primary grades and fix them, and only then start the topics of the grade, in which the child has currently studied.

The studied material should be known, understood and able to apply.

We have completely abolished “cramming” that many tutors and school teachers use for child to increase a grade. And it only gives temporary effect!

At the moment when child passes the memorized material, which is partially understood, but as soon as good mark received, everything that was memorized quickly is gone.

Qualification of teachers

What our platforms look like





Please note that almost all tutors and tutoring centers offline and online charge price for 1 academic hour, which is 45 minutes. So when you compare prices with our rates, always add 33.3% to the price.

10 hours package

7900 RUB

1 month complete time

790 per hour


20 hours package

13 800 RUB

1 month complete time

690 per hour


48 hours package

28 320 RUB

2 month complete time

590 per hour


72 hours package

38 880 RUB

3 month complete time

540 per hour


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Почему мы?

Занятия с преподавателем

Индивидуальный план обучения

Доступная цена

Самостоятельная работа ученика

Систематизация процесса

Уникальная технология преподавания

Есть гарантии и видимость результата

Безопасность ребенка и контроль

Why us?

Traditional courses

Lessons with a tutor

Classes in the “Rocket of Knowledge”

Classes with a teacher

Individual training plan

Affordable price

Student independent work

Systematization of the process

Unique teaching technology

There are guarantees and visibility of the result

Child safety and control

Common questions

It is better to start it one grade earlier, so that the reserve is 1, 5 -2 years, but as our experience shows, even for 6-8 months it is possible to qualitatively prepare child for the exam.

No. We work on the result of the child’s knowledge of the material, which can be later applied in life. “Training” for mark gives the opposite result – the child will increase mark by “cramming” the material, but the knowledge will not remain for many years. That’s why we consistently study all the topics from the child’s personal “roadmap”, it will give the knowledge and improve mark at school.

Often, the child’s failure at school is related to the fact that he or she had not been able to fully study the subjects from grade to grade, and for a certain period there was a lot of such topics and now it is very difficult to learn new material. If you want to move your school performance further, you need to step by step from a simple topic to a complex one, fill your knowledge gaps, and it sometimes takes two weeks or more.

You need to call us right away and we will help you figure it out as soon as possible, or fix problem in your own case if it requires the intervention of our programmer.

Yes, you can. But it is possible under condition – you have to be trained by us in the use of learning technology.

Still have questions?

Our experts are ready to answer all your questions and help you get started with the platform. You can leave a request on the website or contact us yourself:

Telephone: +7( 921) 105 27 72